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Beach Bum Hand Dyed Yarn

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85/15% Merino Nylon

Fingering Weight (Sock)

400m 435yds/100g Skein

“Beach Bum” – I have been ever so fortunate to stand on beaches around the world and experience the many colours of sand and water.  My most memorable beach was on the island of Zanzibar, just off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.  I had never experienced water so many shades of blue and sands so white.  Standing there, looking to the West, I imagined how small I was in a very large world.  I had no idea how life changing that beach would be.  I look back now, nearly 10 years later and it still haunts me.  The smells, the people the poverty.  But then there was this! The most amazing contrast of water, sky and ocean. Blues and whites…… hmmmm…. memories.

To block your garment, add a good splash of vinegar to hot bath water.  Although we make every effort to ensure that our yarns are rinsed well, different water conditions in your area may cause some colours to bleed.  By using the above technique for your first wash, this should eliminate any possibility of spoiling your project.  To keep your yarns bight and happy, I suggest that you hand wash your finished garments with cold water, rinse well and lay flat to dry on a clean towel.