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Garden Party Hand Dyed Yarn

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85/15% Merino Nylon

Fingering Weight (Sock)

400m 435yds/100g Skein

“Garden Party” – The garden for some is a place of peace.  The colours can reflect any mood.  When my David is in the garden, he talks to the plants.  I listen sometimes from an open window, not meaning to interfere, but I here him chatting with what I think is a room of guests, only to find that his guests are the creatures and flora he is tending.  I am  always envious of his relationship with nature.

To block your garment, add a good splash of vinegar to hot bath water.  Although we make every effort to ensure that our yarns are rinsed well, different water conditions in your area may cause some colours to bleed.  By using the above technique for your first wash, this should eliminate any possibility of spoiling your project.  To keep your yarns bight and happy, I suggest that you hand wash your finished garments with cold water, rinse well and lay flat to dry on a clean towel.